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Structural Chiropractic Reviews

"Dr. Rehl is so great! I’ve been struggling with terrible neck and shoulder pain for years. Tried everything including chiropractic before. Dr. Rehl helped me realize the pain is probably in part residual from an old car accident and after a couple months of visits a couple times a week, it’s the best of felt in years. I can finally work out the way I want to and not be in pain. It might seem like a lot to come a couple times a week at first but there is just no substitute for it. I’m so glad I committed to a care plan and have been able to see real results!"

Aly B.

"I came in a bit skeptical to Chiropractic but my knee seemed to be worsening and no other doc could help me find a remedy to my pain. Dr. Peter Rehl quickly made me feel like there was hope. He not only adjusted me manually but also using the activator style. After a few visits I can say I can squat with no discomfort in my knee. I am slowly but surely getting back to hiking comfortably. THANK YOU!"

Ivan M.

"Dr. Peter is amazing! Chiropractic didn’t work for me the last time I tried it but after I started a new job my back problems flared up again to the point that I could hardly walk so I desperately googled for a chiropractor near me and and Dr. Peter was the first one on the list. He has amazing reviews so I decided to try him out hopefully for this time to work and thank God it did! He is so patient and genuinely wants to work with you and is flexible to fit your needs. Thank you Dr. Peter! God bless you and your hands!"

Dinora A.

"I had a long standing injury from 10+ years ago that is still affecting my neck. Dr. Rehl has been working on getting my mobility back and teaching me how to keep the subluxations down and staying healthy. Looking forward to continuing to have my care provided by Dr. Rehl."

Lindsey M.

"Dr. Rehl is outstanding at what he does. As a patient of his he’s treated me and explained everything thoroughly. He’s shown me what chiropractic is and he did not disappoint. I did not know I have weak muscles in certain areas until he pointed it out to me. He performed his techniques on me and it showed improvement and I was in shock of how well it turned out! Dr. Rehl is a full body chiro that helps with soft tissue as well and works with instruments and is advanced proficiency with activator methods which has the highest level of training for safe, gentle and effective procedures. He repairs the body to use its own natural healing abilities without prescriptions or drugs. This is a big plus for me because side effects of certain drugs can affect your body with other issues and I would recommend anyone who has issues like this to see him and heal your body naturally!"

William Y.

"I tore my right shoulder labrum and needed help. I worked with Dr. Rehl since December 2020. He was very thorough with what needed to be done, and what other treatments that I needed and recommended a Doctor of Physical Therapy to work in tandem with. For 6 months we worked on regaining my range of motion and fine tuning my unbalanced body. I would often come in feeling tight and in pain, with his help it quickly went away. I train martial arts regularly and often end up with subluxations all over, with some adjustments I would feel much better and ready to train again. I am now fully recovered with full range of motion."

Adika D.

"Dr Peter Rehl has been a tremendous help for my persistent lower back pain. After getting minimal relief from exercises prescribed by a physical therapist, I met Dr. Peter and decided to give chiropractic a try. I'm so glad I did! I will continue seeing him regularly for all my pain."

Bonnie K.

"All my experiences with Beyond Chiropractic have been good. I've never had to wait to see my Dr. I always get right in at the appointment time. The massage table in the back is worth the price of admission! Dr. Peter Rehl has been great! All the front desk personnel has been courteous and helpful. I recommend this place to anyone who needs chiropractic help."

Doug L.

"Dr. Peter is without a doubt the best chiropractor that I have ever been treated by. Over the past 12 years, I have been treated by many different chiropractors and Dr. Peter is not only extremely knowledgeable but truly cares about you as a person. Book an appointment with Dr. Peter and you'll be in great hands."

Lee M.

"I was very apprehensive to go to a Chiropractor after a previous experience with another Chiropractor. I have been seeing Dr. Peter Rehl for a year, due to my type of work caused painful back, neck, and sciatica issues that I dealt with for a year. On my first visit, he methodically reviewed my case and came up with a treatment plan. After a few adjustments and exercises, he showed me I could see an immediate improvement. He listens and understands all your concerns. He is genuinely concerned about your health and helps you to understand how Chiropractic Therapy helps your body. I cannot express how appreciative I am of the methods and style Dr. Peter used to resolve my issues. Through maintenance, I am more active, pain-free and love to go get adjusted and talk with Dr. Peter. His office also offers massage therapy which is outstanding and is an added bonus to help reduce my nonstructural issues. I always feel so much better.

Thank you, Dr. Peter"

Nan M.

"I brought my 88-year-old precious mother to Dr. Rehl after she requested help for the muscle pain in her neck. Not only has he helped the pain, but she now has better rotation, better posture, and feels much better in the mornings getting up. Dr. Rehl has been so attentive to her whole health. He loves what he does and believes in helping people live healthy lives. I am grateful! I would recommend Dr. Rehl to anyone at any age. It's never too late to feel good!"

Nancy W.

"Dr. Peter Rehl is wonderful, I am being treated for pain and tension in my neck, lower back, shoulders, and ringing in my ears. He uses methods of adjustment along with exercise, which helped improve and strengthen my body posture and relieve pain.

Dr. Rehl is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to you and educate you about your body. I am very pleased and I highly recommend him."

Tina C.

"Hi. My life is forever better thanks to Dr. Rehl. I have lived with my old injuries and some areas are getting worse. My back gave way after lifting heavy objects and I had to lie down flat on my back two days before I could move again. After his treatment sessions, I no longer have to do that. My left foot refused to straighten in the last 3 years; after his treatment, it acts as the right foot. You may feel some pain after these procedures, but it is absolutely amazing! I got my freedom back and am eternally grateful to Dr. Rehl. It is mind-boggling that he can turn the clock back! Thank you so much, Dr. Rehl!"

Yuko C.

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