​​​​​​​Custom orthotics are provided using Sole Supports. These are superior orthotics in design and materials that allow for the best mechanics and support to occur in the feet, allowing better comfort, gait, balance, muscle strength, etc. Dr. Rehl looks to free the feet of their binding adhesions and adjust the bones of the feet as necessary to restore proper biomechanics to the feet, thus also affecting the biomechanics of the body. After it is determined the joints of the feet are moving as best they can then the custom orthotics are created. It is in the best interest of the patients, Dr. Rehl believes, to have properly functioning feet fitted to orthotics as opposed to have the feet measured to an orthotic in their current state, where the feet have adhesions causing restrictions in their movement and where bones may be out of position.

Refer to http://www.solesupports.com/ for more information.

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