Back Pain

back pain

Quality Back Pain Care in Oakland

The back is engineered to offer flexibility, support, protection, and strength to your body. When joints are not aligned or moving well, interference to the nerves coming out of your spine can cause poor health. Pain can occur, and back pain can have a detrimental effect on your overall wellness. More to the point, the interference to the nerves that occurs with stuck joints reduces function in your body, the true definition of health. You may feel pain where you have stuck joints, you may not, but judging health solely by what you feel can miss the bigger picture entirely, and may even be dangerous. People can have heart attacks and strokes without feeling anything before the heart attack or stroke occurs. Some aspects of function for health include your muscle strength, energy, balance, digestion, breathing, headaches, sciatica, etc. People often opt for pain-relievers to help with their back injuries. However, this can only alleviate symptoms instead of treating the pain at its source, that is, by restoring function at its source. Fortunately, our team at Structural Chiropractic in Oakland offers the chiropractic care you need for optimal recovery, as we seek to resolve health issues at their source.

Causes of Back Pain

The source of back pain can vary, and a lot depends on a patient's lifestyle. The cause of your back pain is often traced to the type of conditions you are experiencing. Back pain is typically due to damage (degeneration or acute injury) or inflammation in the spinal tissues, including the muscles, ligaments, joints, discs, and nerves. Tissue damage such as muscle sprains, arthritis, or disc herniation can occur due to auto accidents, sports injuries, falls, or other types of physical traumas. In other cases, back pain might result from the wear and tear of repetitive stress and poor posture that develop over the years.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Our full body chiropractor can help reduce your back pain with non-invasive adjustments and soft tissue care. Our chiropractor can thoroughly evaluate your body to pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to your back pain. Only focusing on symptoms without figuring why they are occurring puts you at risk for experiencing long-term issues.

We rely on our diagnostic skills to identify postural imbalances, body mechanics, and life stressors contributing to your back pain experience at our Oakland clinic. By addressing these issues through techniques such as corrective stretches, exercises, adjustments (manual or via Activator Methods), trigger points, Myofascial Release Technique and massage, and diet lifestyle advice, we can help you towards the path of recovery and better health. Addressing your underlying causes of back pain also ensures you get the most out of our chiropractic care.

Contact Us for Back Pain Treatment from Our Full Body Chiropractor in Oakland, CA

Our chiropractor at Structural Chiropractic is committed to providing the care you need for proper pain relief. We treat your pain at its source and will work with you every step of the way until your pain is reduced. In addition to adjusting, we provide a variety of soft tissue therapy, nutritional counseling, and other important treatments to ensure your optimal wellness. Contact our professional staff today to schedule your first consultation or to learn more about how we help patients in and around the Oakland area live pain-free.

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