Food Allergies and Elimination Diet

My personal story about digestive issues from gluten (or the gliadin protein molecule) stems from a problem with digesting properly the hybridized U.S. dwarf wheat. I gladly share this with you, that I once suffered from "leaky gut" syndrome so more and more of you may become aware, or help your family, friends, and others in your lives become aware of the issues they may have with gluten. This is not relegated only to the most extreme of reactions to wheat, in those who suffer from celiac sprue disease. An elimination diet of gluten solved the problem of leaky gut syndrome. Yes, it's worth it to no longer eat wheat grown in North America!

In the summer of 2014, I went to Greece and ate wheat and other foods there with no problems! In most of Europe, they grow and harvest the old, tall variety of wheat, which humans have (mostly) not had issues with for millennia (it is related to the Einkorn variety of wheat or is the Einkorn wheat). Here is an article worth your time for you or your loved ones. Caveat: those who are diagnosed with celiac sprue can never go back to eating any grains that contain gluten, regardless of what grain it is.

There are saliva or blood labs that can offer the individual evidence of what foods they are allergic or intolerant to. Speak to your doctor for further information.

As an important note, nearly all wheat, soy, corn, and other crops are sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup, a neurotoxin, and cancer-causing agent. There is even evidence it could contribute to babies being born lighter in weight than normal. Monsanto was bought up by Bayer, and they have been trying to bury the many lawsuits against them in doing so. Please be aware the BOTH the type of hybridized wheat that has too much gluten for us combined with Roundup is a serious detriment to health for us. Consider organic. Consider buying imported pasta from Italy, as they grow the original Einkorn wheat and do not spray with Roundup. In fact, the European Union has banned the importation and use of United States wheat. I wish you all the best, as my personal story has me very motivated to help others understand the importance of diet, what we eat, how much, and how often.

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